Frequently Asked Questions

What is the need of Gurukul education system ?

       Earlier Gurukul education system was the best mode of education system of the world.
In the Gurukul, students live under the guidance of Saints who are selfless, benevolent, scientist and self-realized. Thus students are so well nurtured there that after passing out of Gurukuls they spread the name, fame and prosperity to the entire world.
But unfortunately today education system teach students only how to feed their stomach. Neither are they given any social behavioral manners nor any spiritual knowledge due to which they lack the patience, humanity and moral ethics.
Modern education system tremendously need the proper guidance which can be ensured by Gurukul education system only.

Do Gurukuls provide a regular system of Education or are they just teaching Sanskrit ?

      Our Gurukuls provide the same level of modern education as imparted in any other regular school. However the additional emphasis on sanskaar, value education as well as physical and mental fitness using Vedic techniques like Yogasasn, Pranayam and Meditation brings out the best of the child.

What kind of modern facilities do the Gurukuls have ?

         Most Gurukuls have the latest required infrastructure such as spacious classroom with audio video facilities, Computer labs, Science Labs, Library, Reading rooms, Meditation & prayer hall besides large playground with modern games like basket ball, volley ball, badminton etc. However some newly started Gurukuls may not have all these in place but are working on getting these facilities setup in the near future. Also refer Our Campus Page.

What is the medium of instruction in Gurukuls ?

         It varies from one place to other. Some are English medium while others are Hindi or regional language medium. Visit Our Schools for complete details.

Do Gurukuls teach English language?

      Absolutely! However Gurukul philosophy is not to overburden the child with English. We promote Hindi, Sanskrit & mother-tongue but equal emphasis is given on learning fluent spoken as well written English since it’s an international language.

Why is there a need of moral values ?

     Values of a person (imparted by parents and teachers) lead him/her to tread the good or bad pathway. It was the moral values only by which Shivaji, Vinobaji, Jagdish Chandra Basu and Ramanajun were honoured worldwide. For the bright future of students high education and good manners are the basic need. A student must have the moral values like respect for parents and teachers, moral ethics, patience, austerity, self discipline, benevolence, sincerity, simplicity, veracity, nobility, magnanimity, humility, politeness, courtesy and obedience. 

     For imbibing these great characteristics in the students along with spiritual knowledge and modern Science; Pujya Bapuji has restarted Gurukul Education System and the vision of India – A Super Power will be a reality soon and Students of these Gurukuls will play a significant role in that.

What board Gurukuls are affiliated to ?

      Gurukuls are affiliated to either CBSE or state boards & follow the prescribed NCERT or state board syllabus.

What is the Fees charged by Gurukuls ?

       The fees structure varies for different Gurukuls based on their physical location as per the prevailing market conditions. For details call individual Gurukuls. Visit Our Branches Page for contact details.

Do the Gurukuls charge any Donation or Capitation Fee ?

      No capitation fee or donation is charged from anyone.

Are there any scholarships or Fee concession options ?

     Scholarships are awarded to deserving students based on their economical conditions as well merit. For this a written application has to be given to the Gurukul during the admission process.