Admission Open For Session 2021-2022

Admissions :

            Admissions are open for all Gurukuls for the session 2021-22. Gurukuls are affiliated to either CBSE or state boards & follow the prescribed NCERT or state board syllabus. Gurukuls provide the same level of modern education as imparted in any other regular school. In addition to this, special emphasis is given on Sanskaar – Value Education as well as physical and mental fitness using Vedic techniques like Jap, Yogasasn, Pranayam and Meditation to nourish the hidden internal strengths of the children.

Admission Process :

  The admission process is very simple and as per latest “Right To Education (RTE)” Act of 2009 where no discrimination is made on the basis of caste, creed or religion. Also no one is denied admission using any filtering process. 25% of the seats in the starting class are reserved for economically weaker class & free education is provided to such students.

       A face to face interview with the child and parents is recommended to enable a smooth & well planned start for the studies and other activities in the Gurukul.

Medium of Instruction & Fees :

    Medium varies from one place to other. Some are English medium while others are Hindi or regional language medium. For details see the “Our Branches” Page. Check out the FAQ section to know the best medium of instruction for your child.

       The fees structure varies for different Gurukuls based on their physical location as per the prevailing market conditions. But no capitation fee or donation is charged from anyone. Scholarships are also awarded to deserving students based on their economical conditions as well merit.